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Survey Method

Survey Database


  • Presentation from Site Staff Training held on February 12, 2008 (in PowerPoint format)
    Over the course of the project, the project staff have hosted five group training sessions for staff from participating institutions. During the training, we provide more detailed information about the survey method and database, and work in teams to survey example collections. This is the presentation from the most recent session.
  • Presentation from May 22, 2007, Planning Meeting (in PowerPoint format)
    During this meeting we discussed the progress made in the first year of the project and made plans for the future.
  • Poster from SAA 2007 Annual Meeting (in PowerPoint format)
    Informational poster on the project discussing the methodology and the progress so far.
  • Delaware Valley Archivists Group presentation from October 18, 2007 (in PowerPoint format)
    The project was the subject of this meeting of the Delaware Valley Archivists Group. Staff from the survey project team, Haverford College, the University of Delaware, and The Historical Society of Pennsylvania spoke.




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